Writed by V. Vaughn | Number of Pages: 157

TitleCalled by the Bear, #1-3
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Total page157
WriterV. Vaughn
Expo 58, Surrendered: Intrique, കഥകള്‍ |, Imperium: A, Coração de, Playing the, All the, Muerto (Night, Monstret i, Один клик, The Hot, They Call, Nephilim Falling, The Bloody, A Whole, Thrice the, The Miniaturist, We Were, Perang Badar
PARTS 1 - 3 of the Called by the Bear Serial.

I’m Carly Cutler and my dreams predict the future. So why am I dreaming about a sexy beast of a guy, a bear, and a paw print design? I don’t know. A force I can’t fight wants me to find out, and I’m leaving the only life I’ve ever known. With a fresh tattoo of a bear paw and my best friend by my side, I’m on a quest to find a man I’ve never met.

Sierra Steele here, and ready for adventure – We’ve been chosen. The moment I saw Carly’s first tattoo, I felt the undeniable attraction of the guy I’ve been dreaming about. My cautious friend can’t resist the pull either, and we’re off to the mountains to get answers. Something’s calling us, and I’m certain the hunky men are our exciting destiny. They’ll keep us safe from the bear, right?
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